• Coach Jackie

The Landscape of Fitness

The landscape of running and fitness has shifted...the extraordinary time we have all been faced with has lead to a shift in our personal fitness world. With gyms closed, budgets tightening and races canceled - we have all been faced with finding new avenues to burn calories, get faster, lose weight, run distance, weight name it. Most have turned to the internet and the abundance of free or low cost options. As a coach and trainer, who had just reopened her small coaching business at the beginning of the year, it proved the wrong time to build clients and look for runners to races, no need for a personal training plan. I also work in Senior Living so my job has been overwhelming as it shifts and changes with the safety guidelines we must follow, making the focus on my business null and void. The focus of my free-time has been on family and personal emotional survival in the form of exercise.

With the shift in the world of fitness, I see people returning to gyms and races, but I also see a decreased need for people like me. With the amazing amount of apps, training programs and run groups that runners have realized are available (myself included!)I have realized that perhaps my business is not what I need to focus on. Instead, I will continue to coach if approached, but instead I will share my journey and hope that you will share yours with me. A way of inspiring each other and holding ourselves accountable without the exchange of the coach and runner titles attached.

I was so excited to start coaching again, back in January, when I opened back up. Now, six months later, I have had a reality check and realized that those who would like a coach will message me - but I am not comfortable posting about a business that now seems a bit unnecessary in the current landscape of our world. So for now, I will be here if needed, but will no longer post to Facebook and will simply share my journey on IG. Enjoying each others journey in a time when the world is so battered seems like the best use of my energy and the best way to keep connected and positive. Run on Friends!

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