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The 50 Year Old Me...

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

When I turned 49 last February, I was hit with a lot of was not all pleasant. I had a lot to face and oddly it felt harder to turn 49, then I believed 50 would. I realized that I had let so much slip thru my fingers and slide away - people, my business, health in some ways...I don't think the realizations would have been as profound if I was not surrounded by seniors. You see, I work in Senior Living, a second career only 4 years old, after spending nearly 20 years working in broadcast media. The stop gap between the two careers, was run coaching and personal training. Of all the career moves I have made; I have never been as affected by the people I work with as I am now - I witness the choices of life every single day. I see the 103 year old that still walks on the treadmill every day, the 95 year old who goes on all the crazy adventures my team and I plan (NASCAR ride-alongs, in-door sky diving...) and the couples that still hold their love so strongly that they appear newlyweds. On the flip side, I am also surrounded by death...grief is an everyday part of working in a senior community - we grow close to the residents and when we lose them, we have lost family. What all of this has taught me, in the most profound way, is to live my life on my, make memories, make amends, chase dreams, be present, hold family and friends close and be true to myself in all. Regrets are the worst place to find yourself so live a life that is absent of them. Don't look back and wish...

I will admit to losing my way over and over again over the last few years. This loss of balance was brought on by way to many changes in my personal life, while trying to be a strong wife and mother. As I look into the New Year and the adventures that await my family - my husband and I will spend a great deal of our free time at the Kart Track or at Mountain Bike Races cheering for our son - I realized the one adventure that I would like for myself is to start coaching and training again. Both have been a passion for a very long time and when I closed Fit Sparrow 3 years ago, I closed a part of my heart off as well. I am now prying the door back open and moving into 2020 with Fit Sparrow and Next 50 Fitness on deck. As the residents at the community I work at have taught me - regret is painful, but living your life is not. I plan to run toward 2020 and my 50th year with all the heart and soul of the coach I used to be, not the woman who let stress of life stop the journey just as it was getting good! Time to start over and reach for the stars!

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Dad running Boston 1996 & Me running Boston 2015


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