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It's not always about being fast...

Updated: Jan 6

Like many of you I have trained for race after race…for months…um, years on end. I have been lucky enough to avoid major injuries in recent years, but I have been faced with run altering issues. In 2015 I was diagnosed with a labrum tear in my right hip and refused surgery, opting for a PRP treatment instead. I ran my 7th Boston just after. I have been blessed with several other races since, but have never been able to top the speed I once held in my legs. One could say it was due to the injury and caution, others (me included) say it is due to age and burnout. It is a bit of a conundrum really – I love the feeling of a good run, but I lack the desire to really put the hammer down. I love to run outdoors, yet my life keeps me on a treadmill due to the hours I am able to run. I love weight training, yet find it hard to balance a run plan and a strength plan at the same time…all the opposites of running are tangled up in my fitness brain. Yet, I try to do it all. Recently, I came to the conclusion that I would focus on strength for the next 6 weeks, running and biking on the off days…but without a goal in mind, just run for cardio. I am a week in, and I must say I am doing a bang-up job of it! LOL Sometimes, letting go of the tight hold we have on what we have always been (in my case a runner who runs all the races) and being okay with the person we are at this moment in life is okay. I will say this does have a bitter edge for me…I WANT to be the runner I was 14 years ago when I was fast and always ready for a BQ or sub 1:50 half….But I KNOW I will never be that runner again. The sweet side of this is much larger than the bitter edge – there is a freedom in being okay with the here and now and aiming to be super fit at 50. So, as you head into 2020 set your sights on the fitness goals that make you happy, not on the goals that have always been. For me – it is fitness as a happy place, not as a MUST place. Time to feed the soul and maybe in time I will feel ready to chase run goals again…for 2020 I am not running all the races, I am strength training, running for happiness and road biking with my kiddo and hubby! Enjoy your fit and run friends! If you would like to comment with your fit hopes for 2020, please do – you never know who you will inspire!

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