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Changing for the Long Run...Welcome 2020

When we are faced with a New Year, we often look to make resolutions – as if our last year is filled with mistakes that we let fester and now we need to make amends. So, be kinder to yourself and set goals that you can break down into achievable steps so that your year will be everything you hope it to be. Much like training for a marathon, each day…each run…each step…is part of the whole and brings the finish line you desire. Make your New Year goals the same – take the time to plan your months out so that the year is not one big over-whelming RESOLUTION, but rather attainable and positivity inducing choices that lead to the result you desire.

If you are looking to lose weight – look to make small changes that you can translate into a lifestyle. Be wary of diets and restricting food – it may result in a quick drop of weight, but the minute you go back to a normal diet the results will disappear. Perhaps you start with limiting sugar intake, move on to steering clear of processed food, take out stops at fast food restaurants….Maybe begin with a little research and plan your meals so that you stick to quality healthy nutrition…the key is to find what works for you in LIFE, every single day. If you can’t follow a diet for life, it is likely to fail because you view it as a temporary fix. I am the last person who will recommend any specific eating lifestyle to anyone, it is a very personal choice and the one who is doing the eating needs to make the choices. I am the coach who will tell you that strict diets don’t work – lifestyle changes that are conscious choices will!

Speaking of lifestyle changes – exercise works the same way! Make a choice that works in your life, right now! Maybe it is to work out 2 days a week for 30 minutes – that seems doable and not too daunting – in a month perhaps you add a 3rd day or extend the time….and so on….until you find the perfect fit of days or time to meet your needs.

Like fitness and nutrition, most aspects of life change when we make the choices that become habits – that in turn, change our world. So, when you sit down to look at 2020, make sure you are honest with yourself and the commitments you are sending out into the universe – are they attainable RIGHT NOW, can you maintain them RIGHT NOW, do they have room to grow into a lifestyle RIGHT NOW? If the answer is yes, you have yourself a great bit of motivation to move forward into a fresh and exciting 2020!

Whatever goals you are making…whatever path you choose to follow…or if you are happy as you are…I wish you all the very best in 2020! May your days be filled with happiness and light!

- Coach Jackie

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