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Coach Jackie lives near Pasadena, CA with her husband and 14 year old son.  She has been an endurance runner for 20 years and completed 40+ marathons and 65+ half marathons, including 7 Boston Marathons.  Jackie got into running after finally giving in to her Dad, who had been bugging her to run with him for over 2 years.  He finally got her when he promised her it would be fun and the start of some great memories together – and they could have an apple fritter after.  Their first race was a 30K that they ran side by side, laughing and talking the entire time.  Since that day they have traveled to almost every Long Beach Half Marathon as well as several other local races together.   They don’t run many races side by side anymore, Dad preferring to take a slower more relaxed pace, but the rides to the race and the burgers or fritters after are priceless.  Jackie’s son also gets in on the fun and does some 5Ks with Mom and Grandpa.
Jackie’s love of running soon led her into marathon running. She earned her first BQ at CIM with a 3:40:52, qualifying with only 8 seconds to spare.  This was back in 2002 when you could qualify without the rolling standards and using the bottom 1 minute.  Jackie dedicated her first Boston to her Dad, who was proudly cheering on the course for her along with her husband and Mom.  That was her proudest running day.  Jackie has completed 7 Boston Marathons since her first in 2003, the latest was in 2015.  Jackie’s favorite marathons are New York, Boston, Long Beach and Revel Canyon City.
The name Fit Sparrow comes from a small wooden sparrow her grandfather gave her for Christmas – the sparrow, he told her, was a symbol of new beginnings.  Jackie is an RRCA Certified Coach, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and SFA Senior Fitness Specialist Level 2.  Jackie wants to ignite a passion for running in others and help them to reach goals they never thought possible.  Welcome to Fit Sparrow Running!


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As a certified trainer, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. Choose from a wide array of existing training options or design your own. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for, contact me today.

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Client Testimonials


Monika E.

Best thing I ever did for myself is to ask Jackie to be my coach. She goes way beyond running! Encouragement, motivation, inspiration and so much more. After a disappointing Marathon attempt, she was able to get me to believe in myself again and that is what a top notch coach does….they go beyond the normal scope and treat you with respect and like a person, not just a check. If your debating, stop….go no further, you’ve found the best!


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